“Start by knowing what you want and who you are, build credibility around it and deliver it online in a compelling way.” ~ Krista Neher

Your brand should have personality and a promise including these things…

  • Voice
  • Values
  • Communication
  • Feeling

Your brand consists of these things…

Logo – which I would have some variations of, but you don’t want to drift out too far. You should have a black and white version and full color at minimum. Some people choose to have landscape and portrait versions also.

Core Values – for instance my core values are innovation, quality, integrity, and knowledge. These are most likely some of the values that the owner of the company possesses.

Personality – think about what personality you want your brand to portray. Mine are passion, up-to-date, creative, and energetic.

Icons – Some fancy smancy icons are fun and if you are using a tool like canva you can even make them your brand colors like so.

custom branded icons

Target Demographic – this is not everyone as most people think. The real question is who do you want to be working with? Some of the things included in this are career, age, education, and income.

Fonts – are a huge piece of your brand. You should have 3 fonts.

  1. Display – this one can be more fun and bold used every once in a while.
  2. Heading – larger bold type typically
  3. Body – the main smaller font used throughout the site

Color Palette – you should have a primary color palette that has 3 main colors and a neutral and then a secondary color palette that has 2 more color popping shades. Or you could have just 5 total and have 3 main color popping colors and 2 neutrals whichever you prefer. Just keep it consistent and always use the same colors and fonts everywhere!

Social Media – Use these same techniques on your social media to keep it looking professional. Last I checked these were the sizes of the images to use for the different social media options.

social media cover photo sizes